How to generate AdSense Tags - Publisher FAQ - FAQ

To create the Passback tags from Google AdSense, follow the instructions:

Steps (screenshots attached)

  1. Login to Google AdSense and click the My Ads tab on the left. This will load Ad Units page
  2. Click New ad unit button on the top
  3. On the New ad unit page, please fill the details for the new tag. Name can be AdZouk_Passback_300x250 (on any ad size)
  4. Select the correct ad size
  5. Click Save and Get Code button to generate the tags
  6. Copy and save the ad code using a text editor (Notepad for WIndows / Textedit for Mac). Kindly do not use Word applications

Once the code is saved, please email it to the AdZouk representative you are working or open a ticket so we can update your passback tags

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